Caldes de Montbui (Barcelona)

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2 comentarios:

  1. Thank you for your love and sincerity.
    I cannot take your words without my tears.

    We did not know the real nature of the object which we made.
    We have done irreparable thing.
    The monster of the uncontrollability. . .

    I am ashamed for world friends in our ignorance.
    I apologize to everybody as Japanese one.
    However, you do not need to forgive Japan which polluted the earth.
    Because this result is last arrival point of way which ourselves chose.
    The tsunami is the creation of the Nature.
    The monster is the creature of the Man.

    This tragedy is already too enough.
    The monster is Absolutely unnecessary.
    Convenience. Luxury. Comfort. more, more...
    Even if all of them are robbed of it, I am enough if there is the beautiful earth.
    I accept the misfortune with pleasure.

    From Japan, ruma

  2. Dear Ruma
    Energy consumption is part of the current way of life in many countries around the world and this catastrophe could have happened anywhere, not to be ashamed, just unfortunate victims and the suffering of the homeless, the rest can be solved .
    My love for you and for Japan that is an admirable people.